Health and Nutrition

Health and nutrition are an integral part of human beings and it is directly linked with better growth and development. Health plays an important role by contributing, directly or indirectly, in the economic development of the country. Hence, it is a crucial constituent to be undertaken from the grass root level.

  • We at ATC are determined to provide nutrition rich food to our all our children.
  • Universal healthcare is the right for every human being and to achieve that, we offer support to the people in dire need of funds for medical purpose.
  • We also give special support to HIV and cancer patients. We in addition give financial support by sponsoring patients in need of major surgeries.
  • To raise awareness among every individual in the rural areas, we conduct different workshops and awareness programmes on various health related topics in various districts.
  • Moreover, we focus on providing better counselling and rehabilitation for the community.

1. Medical Camps

  • Our medical camps have benefited more than 500 people in different communities. These camps are helpful for the people in getting correct and timely treatments and live a healthy life.
  • We organise general medical camps and special medical camps. General medical camp includes a general screening of the community and special medical camp consists of eye check-up camp, dental camps where specialists visit the village to provide appropriate treatment as per requirement.

2. Emotional and Financial Support

  • We provide care for the HIV and cancer patients.
  • We also offer financial support to the patients of financially weaker community for major surgeries.

3. Awareness Campaigns and Workshops

  • We organise various health awareness campaigns and workshops on different health-related issues in the rural communities.
  • Our programmes have benefitted more than 4800 people of the community.